Special Events In Franconia New Hampshire

There are many special events in Franconia New Hampshire hosted annually for promoting the lifestyle and culture of its villages and people. There is a variety of reasons and purpose behind them. Here in this article, we will take a look at the various special occasions in Franconia New Hampshire.

There are many reasons behind these Franconia New Hampshire special events. The sporting and recreational events are held to not just brave the roughness of the area, but to also provide a site for education and also fund worthwhile causes and opportunities.

Annual festivals, tours, and weekend special events in Franconia New Hampshire honor local products and harvests, while celebrating seasons. Exhibitions and demonstrations unique to the region help in displaying beautiful and collectible works of crafters, artists and musicians. In true spirit and strength, you will find these special events in Franconia New Hampshire celebrating adversity and demonstrations unique to the region.

Christmas Around Franconia
Visit the place during Christmas time and holidays to experience the beautifully decorated inns, homes, shops and craft fairs. The holiday Parade on the Friday after Thanksgiving is always a highlight of the season's activities. You will also find unique gifts for family and friends. Enjoy these special events in Franconia New Hampshire.

The New Hampshire Maple Experience
As another of the special occasions in Franconia New Hampshire, Maple sugaring marks the ending of a long New Hampshire winter, conveying bright thoughts of spring. Enjoy a horse-drawn wagon, or help tap a maple tree. One can also learn the procedure of how sap changes to syrup. The tour includes a donut, sour pickles and maple syrup.

Annual Wildflower Festival
Wildflower enthusiasts can find a real kick as one of the Franconia New Hampshire special events, when the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests initiates the annual Fields of Lupine Festival with a full slate of fun activities planned. Along with photography, crafts, and floral identification, many workshops and tours are planned to keep visitors engaged.

Annual Garden Tour
This special event in Franconia New Hampshire is supported by WREN of Bethlehem, NH and local Garden Clubs in the area. Touring a selection of magnificent North Country gardens, the visitors are taken through some of the loveliest old Inns and homes with award winning gardens and landscapes.

Hayseed Bluegrass Festival
Drawing attraction to local and regional well known groups, these special events in Franconia New Hampshire is a celebration of local music, food and fun. The players and recording artists of this genre of folk and country music get chance to showcase their talents.

Reach the Beach Relay
Taking place in the Fall, this special event in Franconia New Hampshire is the longest distance running relay race in the United States. Commencing from Franconia Notch State Park and finishing at Hampton Beach on the coast, it covers approximately a 200 mile distance.