Geography Of Franconia New Hampshire

With a latitude of 42° 40'N to 45° 18'N and longitude of 70° 37'W to 72°, the Franconia New Hampshire is about 190 miles in length from north to south and about 70 miles wide from east to west. The geographic center of New Hampshire is situated in Belknap County, which is 3 miles east of Ashland. Let us look more into the geography of Franconia New Hampshire in this article.

The town has a total area of 66.0 square miles. Franconia city in New Hampshire is drained by the Pemigewasset River, the Gale River, and the Ham Branch of the Gale River and the Lafayette Brook. While the north-western area of Franconia lies within the Connecticut River watershed, the south-eastern corner lies in the Merrimack River watershed. Read on to know more about Franconia New Hampshire geography.

The natural features of Franconia New Hampshire are well known for their beauty, featuring rugged mountains, clear blue lakes, sandy lake and beaches. Some of the most famous and well known are Mount Lafayette, Profile and Echo lakes, the Basin, Mount Lincoln, and Cannon Mountain. Mount Lafayette, is the highest peak in Franconia. In addition to the famous mountains around Franconia Notch, there are several other four-thousand footers within the town limits: Mount Garfield, Galehead Mountain, South Twin Mountain, and Owl's Head.

Having only 13 miles of coastline, the coastline of New Hampshire is shorter than any other state. With rivers and tidal wetlands extending inland, the sandy beaches line the coast. Franconia New Hampshire experiences a humid continental climate. With warm, humid summers and cold, wet winters, the precipitation is uniformly distributed through out all year. Winters are cold and snowy throughout the state, and can be severe in the northern and mountainous areas.

Moving on with the geography of Franconia New Hampshire, the scenic beauty and serenity of the place have long inspired writers and artists. Hawthorne, Whittier, and Longfellow have sculpted many of their finest works at the artist's colony at Cornish. It is a summer retreat for musicians, artists, and writers.