Things to do During Your Holidays in Turkey

Turkey is one of the best country in the world for one to visit during a holiday vacation, this is due to its wealth in great and unique places which offers a wide range of activities to make one’s holiday enjoyable, below is a well detailed information of a must do things for one while on a holiday in Turkey.

Visit Konyaalti Beach

This is a sandy lagoon beach that is surrounded by pine forest and a buzzing resort with a wall to wall bars, on a visit to this place one has an opportunity of seeing multi-colored coral reef, this region is the most photogenic place in Turkey heading to the main beach which is lined with restaurants and cafes, a part from coral reef this region has protected Blue lagoon which is very rare to find in other places, a national park, and a clear shallow water where one’s kid will enjoy swimming.

Visit a Hamam and have a Turkish bath.

Hamam Turkish bath is an experience that one should not miss when on a visit to Turkey, here one relax in the steam room on a heated stone (goebektasas) as member of staff exfoliates and massages one’s skin with a coarse mitt, one should visit this place during his first days of his visit to Turkey as it prepare one’s skin for the sun and make one’s tan last longer.

Climbing Ataturk Hill for a truly spectacular view over Kusadasi.

High on the hill and looking Pigeon Island one sees the statue of the famous Ataturk, the founder of Turkey Republic, a climb on this hill provides a panoramic views other the entire bay that are the best in Kusadasi, it is also important of one to hire a taxi as the road leading to the top of the hill is steep.

Visit white water rafting at Adaland

This is one of the best waterpark in the world as voted by the New York Post, it is thus a must visit place for one on a visit to Turkey.

Visit and enjoy Turkish night at Caravanserai

Turkish night is held every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night at old Caravanserai, a visit at this place gives on an experience that is hard to forget, here one enjoys Turkish traditional music, belly dancing and folk dancing making a great evening entertainment, wine and beer is included in entry ticket thus one doesn’t have to worry about the availability of drinks.

Go on a day trip to Pamukkale

This is one of most unique natural wonders in Turkey, it big attraction is a vast white cliff side with scallop-shaped basins of frozen water falls and water, it look like it was made of snow or ball of cotton, it offers an amazing sight, walking along the cliff top is a weird and a wonderful experience it is thus a best place of one to visit in Turkey, Turkish visa form is an important document of one to have as it authorizes one to travel to those great places without travel restrictions.