Places Of Interest At Franconia New Hampshire

Exploring the "road less traveled" leads most tourists to the villages of Franconia New Hampshire. As the magnificence of traditional season’s peak and wane, giving way to unpredictable awe and delight in the hearts of its visitors, there are many places of interest at Franconia New Hampshire. With most of the spectacular natural attractions found in this area, it has gained nationwide recognition for its grandeur. Read on to know more about the places to see in Franconia New Hampshire.

Here are some of the most interesting places at Franconia New Hampshire:

Franconia Notch Region
With the scenic loop of typical New England life steeped in Victorian architectural grandeur, the most magnificent natural attractions in Franconia New Hampshire are found in the Franconia Notch Region. With an abundance of flora displays altering with the change of seasons, one also gets to see some of the rare species existing here. Enjoy the thrill of the great outdoors in the Franconia Notch Region by hiking, biking, swimming, driving or skiing. This is one the most beautiful places to visit in Franconia New Hampshire.

The Frost Place
Former home of poet Robert Frost, is now a museum and nonprofit educational center. As one of the important places of interest at Franconia New Hampshire, the Frost Place awards an annual fellowship to a rising American poet that includes the chance to live and write in the house during the summer. The Frost Place also sponsors an annual poetry festival and a conference on poetry and teaching.

New England Ski Museum
Located at the base of Cannon Mountain in Franconia Notch, it probably has the largest collection of ski photographs in the country. This is one of the must places to see in Franconia New Hampshire. With an extensive library, it also exhibits a large collection of vintage ski costumes, boots and poles gathered over a century.

Lake Sunapee
This lovely region joins a lake with surrounding woods and mountains and is highly appreciated by vacationers all throughout the year. An unspoiled area, it is just a nice place to get away from the crowds for a while. While driving around, go at a slow pce and savor the views. One can also enjoy a boat excursion on the lake during the summer.

Dolly Copp Campgroun
This is a paradise for camping, hiking, biking, fly-fishing, canoeing, and nearly every other outdoor pursuit. Not to be missed as one of the places of interest at Franconia New Hampshire, it is fondly described as “The Land of Many Uses,” on the Forest Service signs.

The White Mountains
The White Mountains of New Hampshire do look like their name. With their barren white tops sticking out from rock underpinnings, they have a mesmerizing view to offer to their visitors. A perfect getaway for couples seeking a romantic interlude, one can also take full advantage of hiking or skiing opportunities. This chapter contains one of the most interesting places at Franconia New Hampshire to visit.

Hampton Beach
A quick visit to Hampton beach will help you realize why this is one of the most sought after places of interest at Franconia New Hampshire. Full of many attractions, like the side trip to the Isle of Shoals, this place has everything you need to getaway for a quick daytrip or a long weekend excursion.